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Stacy & Barry Miller

Sea Love Founders

We are a husband-and-wife team who love making & creating and adore the lifestyle of coastal living. When not making candles with our crew, we love spending time with our grandsons, Cruz and Henry, walking the beaches with our two fur babies, Chewbacca & Cleo, and exploring our beautiful coastal towns in New England.

Stacy started making candles in her basement in 2017 because Barry has asthma. After learning most common candles on the market are filled with toxic paraffin wax bases, she started experimenting with natural waxes. After a year of making candles as a craft for herself and her friends, paired with feeling that her career path was not meeting her desire to help people, Stacy came up with the idea of Sea Love; a company that blended her loves (the sea and clean burning candles!), with a passion to help promote living a healthier lifestyle and giving back with environmental consciousness.

We are now entrepreneurs who work side by side together and have turned a passion project into a life we love -- and we would love to welcome you into the Sea Love family!

Lorraine DeVaux

Marketing Director

Lorraine joined Sea Love with more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of marketing for businesses large and small. She will be your right-hand marketing resource as you get your business up and running. She'll work with you to ensure you have everything you need for a successful launch and ongoing growth including a robust website and strong social media presence.

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Franchise Launch Coordinator

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Heather Morin

Production Manager

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Claire Luken

Production Assistant

Meet Our Franchisees

Rachael Salamon

Sea Love in Freeport Maine

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Lori Dennehy

Sea Love in Portsmouth NH

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Shefali Patel

Sea Love in Naperville, Ilinois

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Latossa & Mbengo Rukuni

Sea Love in Vinings, GA


Melissa Monge & Sarah Brown

Sea Love in Hilton Head SC

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Erik and Heather Feus

Sea Love in Dunedin FL

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Jennifer Carlson and Theresa Johnson

Sea Love Virginia Beach
(coming soon!)

John Benintendi

Sea Love Ohio
(coming soon!)

Joni Evans

Sea Love in Cedar Rapids IA (coming soon!)

Suzanne Ciotta

Sea Love Louisville Kentucky (coming soon!)

Tina Smagala

Sea Love in Fort Myers FL
(coming soon!)