A serene and stylish shelf displaying an array of self-care products, including two glass jars—one open with wooden tongs inside—and eco-friendly soaps, all bathed in soft, natural light.



A carefully curated collection of products inspired by the serenity of a seaside lifestyle.

The Sea Love candle bar experience is supplemented with a beautiful retail boutique of coastally inspired home decor and lifestyle products meant to inspire the serentity of a coastal home.

A serene boutique interior with a beach theme, featuring an array of coastal-inspired decor and accessories, with a
An elegantly organized shelf displaying a variety of scented candles under glass cloches, accompanied by neatly stacked boxes and decorative elements, creating a serene and aesthetically pleasing retail environment.
A tidy linen closet with neatly folded towels on the shelves and a woven basket filled with linens on the floor.
A bright and clean bath salt counter featuring glass jars filled with pink himalayan salt, neatly labeled for customers to choose from.
A neatly arranged shelf displaying a collection of fragrance bottles and scented candles with minimalist packaging.

Sea Love Signature Items

Our line of home fragrance products includes candles, reed diffusers, room diffusers, wax melters, linen and room sprays, fragrance oils, and more.

A person in a brown apron and white shirt presenting a selection of artisanal soaps arranged on a wooden tray, with a clear glass jar lid in hand and bathroom decor in the background.

Apothecary Bar

Guests enjoy the interactive selections of Sea Love apothecary products including our own line of soaps, bath salts, shower steamers and other soothing bath products in a variety of scents.

A woman browsing through clothes on a rack in a bright and modern boutique.

Apparel and Accessories

Our boutiques feature a wide variety of costally inspired clothing items and personal accessories, along with selections showcasing the store's local asthetic and flair.

A serene corner with a white shelf displaying books, decorative jars, and wooden kitchenware, complemented by a green potted plant, against a clean, light-colored wall.

Gifts and Home Decor

A carefully curated selection of home decor items designed to enhance any space with the serenity of a seaside lifestyle

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