It is our responsibility (and our privilege) to ensure you have everything you need to focus on what’s important: delivering a unique experience that ensures your Sea Love | A Candle Bar and Boutique is successful!

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We know that without proper onboarding our franchisees may not know where or how to start, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that you are trained properly. From the beginning, we provide our franchisees with all the tools needed to operate a successful business. You’ll spend time with various members of our management team to learn the necessary skills to get your Sea Love | A Candle Bar and Boutique off the ground while learning scent-blending/candle-making and all aspects of your store’s operations.

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Comprehensive Training

It’s our job for our franchisees be THE coastal-inspired candle provider in your local market! We will provide ongoing training and support in many areas, including unit operations, maintenance, customer-service, scent blending and candle making techniques, product ordering, pricing guidelines and administrative procedures. We want you to win!

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Marketing Support

Our in-house marketing department becomes part of your extended team. Together, we work to promote the Sea Love brand while maximizing your visibility to your local community and customers. We provide cost-effective ready-to-use advertising materials and fully developed campaigns. We also provide consulting, concept development, design services, and training. All the resources to effectively advertise and drive traffic to your Sea Love Candle Bar and Boutique.

Your customers like to have a relationship with you that extends outside of your physical boutique, so we set you up with a robust digital presence that allows you to always connect and stay in front of your customers, and them to always stay engaged with you.

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We are passionate about helping you to create a space for your business to thrive. We’re with you from start to finish with the design, architecture, layout of your new candle bar and boutique. Before you open, you’ll receive training on merchandising, product knowledge, hiring, customer service, and operating your POS system. We will be there in person before and during your Grand Opening. And our support continues after you open to make sure your business thrives.

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Ongoing Support

After your Grand Opening, we want you to continue developing and learning best practices, so we schedule support calls at regular intervals for you to talk about your store sales results, buying, visual merchandising, marketing, social media, staffing, and more. We have seasonal planning video calls with all our owners to help you plan ahead for important trends, strategize to maximize your business, learn best practices, share ideas, and collaborate with other owners.

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