A group of people joyfully engaging in a fragrance blending custom candle experience, with clear glass bottles and mixing tools on the white tables in a bright and modern studio space.


Candle Bar Experience

Bringing people together, igniting creativity, and building memories

Sea Love | A Candle Bar and Boutique is the premier candle-making experience, allowing customers to engage all five senses in a way online shopping simply cannot – by forging an emotional connection.

A group of people engaging in a custom candle making experience, with a woman in the center smiling as she smells a scent from a tester strip.

Hands-on Experience

At Sea Love | A Candle Bar and Boutique, guests join together to learn the art of scent-blending through hands-on ‘pour your own candle’ experiences. Each guest chooses their own signature combination of fragrances, and the team of Scent Stylists brings them through the candle-making process step-by-step.

Two women sharing a joyful moment in a candle making experience, with one holding glasses and smiling at a handmade product while the other looks on with a cheerful expression.

Guests select from more than 100 fragrances to choose their signature combination of scents

A smiling woman holding several colorful jars in a store, giving the impression of a delighted shopper finding just what she was looking for.

Guests then select their vessels, which come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit every decor

A person a blend of essential oils into a glass container to make a scented candle, with a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Scent Stylists teach guests the candle process from start to finish.

Immersive, shareable and repeatable

Ignites the guest's senses and emotions

Leverages in-store events and collaborations

Surpasses the customer's expectations

Provides a usable commodity and promotes repeat customers

Clean and sustainable

Our beautifully scented candles are made with the highest quality products available –
creating an environment of caring that will resonate with your customers.

A cheerful Scent Stylists wearing glasses and a brown apron with a red hair accessory enthusiastically gestures while talking to three customers inside a bright and modern store.
A smiling woman in an apron holds a bottle while selecting products from a neatly organized shelf filled with essential oil bottles.
A person dispensing a eucalyptus essential oils into a small container at a candle making station with bottles and testers on display.
A smiling woman in a white blouse attends to customers at a service counter with bottles on display, against a backdrop with the word


A chic and inviting boutique interior with

Coastally Inspired Boutique

Guests enjoy shopping our retail boutiques of carefully curated home decor, home fragrance and personal items.