Know Someone who would be a great Sea Love Owner?

Submit their name and contact information, and if they ultimately purchase a franchise, we'll reward you with $4,500! Please see the details below, and the submission form is at the bottom of this page.

Referral FAQs

What if I submit someone who was already a candidate?

If you suggest a person as a possible candidate but they have a record of already requesting information about a Sea Love franchise, that person will not be considered as a referral.

What must happen for me to receive $4,500?

A referral is not simply passing along a name. A referral is someone you know personally, and/or someone you believe will be a viable candidate for Sea Love ownership. You must be willing to encourage, help facilitate, and provide mentorship through the discovery stage prior to signing.

You will receive your referral bonus once these three key steps have been completed:

  • Referral has signed their franchise agreement
  • They've paid their initial franchise fee
  • They've completed their training

Is there a specific process to submitting a referral?

Yes! Anyone who would like to participate in the referral program must complete the online form as early as possible. That is important in starting the candidate process and making sure you get the correct referral credit.

How many referrals can I submit?

There is no limit to the people that you refer as a potential partner. A referral is paid out only once per buyer, regardless of whether they open a single or multiple locations.