A Day in the Life of a Sea Love franchise owner

Have you always dreamed of owning your own business? Wonder what it's like on the day-to-day basis?


Meet the proud owner (we'll call her Emily) of a Sea Love | A Candle Bar and Boutique franchise. With her passion for candles, love for the sea, and entrepreneurial spirit, Emily embarked on this journey to create a unique and memorable experience for her customers (who quickly became friends).


Morning - 8:00 AM:

Emily starts her day enjoying a hearty breakfast with her family, discussing the day's plans. Before leaving her home, she double-checks emails, reviews customer feedback, and attends to any urgent matters related to the franchise.


Morning - 9:30 AM:

Arriving at Sea Love | A Candle Bar and Boutique, Emily greets her staff with warm smiles and genuine enthusiasm. She ensures the store's ambiance is just right—soft music playing in the background, candles are lit, and displays are neatly arranged on the shelves.


Morning - 10:00 AM:

The store opens its doors to customers, and the fragrance-filled haven becomes a hub of creativity. Emily loves interacting with patrons, helping them choose candle scents, and sharing stories about the candles' inspirations and origins. She encourages guests to personalize their candles with unique designs and messages.


Late Morning - 11:30 AM:

Emily meets with her team for a quick huddle. They discuss sales targets, inventory management, and upcoming promotional events. Emily values her employees' insights and ensures they feel appreciated and motivated to provide exceptional customer service.


Afternoon - 1:00 PM:

After a busy morning, Emily takes a break to relax and recharge. She takes a walk in a nearby park, where she finds tranquility and inspiration. The rhythmic sounds of nature help to clear her mind, sparking new ideas for fragrance blends and potential collaborations with local artists.


Afternoon - 3:00 PM:

Back at the store, Emily participates in a workshop led by a local artist who specializes in flower arranging. Pop-up collaborations attract tourists and locals alike, fostering a sense of community and creativity. Emily loves seeing the joy on participants' faces as they create their masterpieces. And the arrangements give a perfect second-life to the candle jars, which can be used as vases once emptied.


Late Afternoon - 5:00 PM:

As the day winds down, Emily reviews sales figures and updates her social media platforms to engage with customers and promote upcoming events. She also orders fresh supplies from her franchisor to ensure a steady inventory of candles and other merchandise.


Evening - 7:00 PM:

The store closes its doors, and Emily treats her staff to a beverage at a trendy new café as a gesture of appreciation for their hard work and dedication. They discuss the day's highlights, exchange ideas, and enjoy each other's company.


Late Evening - 8:30 PM:

Returning home, Emily spends time with her family, catching up on their day. This quality family time is focused solely on connecting with her loved ones and settling everyone down for the night.


Night - 10:30 PM:

Before bedtime, Emily reads her brand's latest newsletter containing helpful business tips and details about new seasonal scents. She makes quick notes to discuss with her team in the morning. As she closes her eyes for the night, she takes a moment to reflect on the day's events and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to run a business she is so passionate about.