Franchisee Spotlight: Suzanne and Jordan - Sea Love in Louisville KY

Meet Suzanne and Jordan, the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind Sea Love in Louisville. With Suzanne's corporate savvy and Jordan's family-centered lifestyle, they're bringing Sea Love's coastal charm to Kentucky.
Suzanne, a seasoned businesswoman, stumbled upon Sea Love during a quest to diversify her portfolio. Enchanted by its coastal allure, she found a perfect blend of business opportunity and personal passion.
For Jordan, Sea Love offered more than just candles—it provided a solution to her quest for cleaner, healthier living. Banishing conventional candles from her home, she embraced Sea Love's commitment to clean, non-toxic ingredients.
Their decision to open a Sea Love Candle Bar and Boutique was driven by a shared love for the company's ethos and the supportive community they found within. They're excited to bring Sea Love's blend of beauty, health, and family-centric experiences to their hometown.

Suzanne shares her motivation for joining Sea Love: "We decided to open our own Sea Love for many reasons. Firstly, after speaking with Barry, Stacy and the Sea Love team, you really get the idea that what they have created is like a family. They are always there to help, support and answer any questions you may have. They truly want you to succeed. Secondly, we LOVED the idea that the candles are clean. There is nothing more important than health, as we have all seen firsthand over the past few years. Sea Love offers health but it also offers beauty and a cozy, loving home sanctuary. In our family we love a good experience that we can do together. In our opinion there is nothing better than being together but also creating something that is unique to each of our personalities."
Join Suzanne and Jordan on their journey as they infuse Sea Love Louisville with their unique personalities and passion for coastal living.