Franchisee Spotlight: John Benintendi - Sea Love in Liberty Township OH

Sea Love is growing in the Midwest, with our 8th franchise owner John Benintendi opening a new location in the Liberty Township area of Ohio just outside of Cincinnati this summer.

John is an attorney and is employed with The Cincinnati Insurance Company and lives in the greater Cincinnati area with his wife Nicole. He is excited to stretch into the realm of franchise ownership.

“What drew me to Sea Love was the idea of making one’s own specialized candle for themselves or for friends and family in a very nice relaxing, stress free environment. Also, I am not generally a risk taker but when I met Barry, Stacy, Lorraine and the other wonderful members of the Sea Love team, I was overjoyed with the friendliness and welcoming nature of all the team members. If I would have gotten any other type of feeling from meeting the team, I would not have taken the step to join the team; they are truly wonderful people.“

John’s first granddaughter is due this summer around the time he’ll open his new Candle Bar and Boutique, and we’re excited to add his growing family to Sea Love’s growing family.

We’re excited for you, John – Congratulations!
And see you soon, Ohio!