Franchisee Spotlight: Jennifer and Theresa - Sea Love in Virginia Beach

COMING Summer '24! 

Sisters & Co-Owners of Sea Love | A Candle Bar and Boutique in Virginia Beach

🔹 Jennifer Carlson: A beach enthusiast and former Navy member turned school counselor. She's all about spreading positivity and making a difference in students' lives. Surviving breast cancer made her realize the importance of chasing dreams. With her supportive family by her side, she's diving into the Sea Love adventure!

🔹 Theresa Johnson: From Hawaii to Virginia Beach, Theresa's love for the ocean runs deep. After serving in the Army, exploring various career paths, and nurturing her creative side, she found her passion in candle making. Teaming up with her sister Jennifer, they're thrilled to bring the Sea Love experience to their beloved community.

Together, they're on a mission to create lasting memories, one candle pour at a time! Come join them at Sea Love Candle | A Bar and Boutique for a relaxing, creative escape -- coming this summer to Virginia Beach!

Congratulations, Jennifer & Theresa!